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Rangenet Helps with Attachments
Copyright Rangenet Support
Created the 2001-12-08 12:25:46 (Updated the 2002-01-05 16:47:31)

In an ongoing effort to bring Rangenet subscribers the most enjoyable Internet experience possible, we have implemented a new Attachment Modification system to prevent you from becoming infected with some of the more common viruses now sweeping the net.

Here is a breakdown of how it works.

- Hostile (possibly viral) attachments come into your computer as some kind of miniature program (executable) which, when run on your system, will infect the system. These kinds of file attachments end in: EXE, COM, BAT, SCR, VBS and a few others.

- Our mail system will automatically change the ending or 'extention' of the attachment in your mailbox. So if someone sends you a file named 'virus.exe'
our mail system automatically changes it to 'virus_exe.zzz'

By doing this, it's not possible to open up the attachment by simply (possibly accidentally) clicking on it. If you know this is a legitimate email, you will simply need to rename the attachment when you save it.

- Please note that our mail system does not currently have the ability to scan the actual attachment to see if it is infected or not. For this reason, caution should still be taken with every attachment received.

To change it, simply choose to 'save' the attachment, and when the window comes up asking you what you want to name the file, simply change the underscore _ to a period . and remove the .zzz

[Outlook Express users click here for detailed instructions]

- Commonly sent attachments such as pictures, word processing documents, etc. will NOT be affected. Because the majority of attachments sent by Internet users today are these kind, it shouldn't pose a significant inconvenience.

These files which are not filtered by our system, although far less dangerous, (particualrly Microsoft Office documents that can contain Macros) can still possibly contain viruses and should still be treated with caution. Please see article/question 5.4 for a detailed list of attachments which are NOT filtered/disabled.

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